ever Feel inadequate?

Like, "What in blazes am I doing here?"

I've been doing this for a LONG time now, so you'd think I'd be over those moments where I feel completely insecure and utterly out of place walking into a new environment...but, alas.

There's a new item I've created and decided to get out of my comfort zone and promote to a group that I normally support from afar (otherwise known as 'online only'). Make the money, give the money, love is exchanged, move on, keep working.

I did not walk into this alone, but had a good friend introduce me to someone and then someone else to present this product.

Let's just say that princess girl here didn't get an overwhelming response and felt these people were way too busy to hear me, and rather than snapping out of that and just enjoying this new place, I sank.

I went to my car feeling completely defeated and prayed all the way home (I'm God's girl so I'm all about staying in touch.) and just flat out asked, "WHAT WAS THAT????"

My answer? USE IT.

Use it right now. I'm simply here to tell YOU that if you've ever jumped into new territory and felt completely back in kindergarten when someone pulled your hair and called you stupid, that you are not alone.

As a result, my entire strategy has changed and I'm going in a different direction and am very excited about it! Might it flop too? OF COURSE!

When one thing doesn't work, learn from it, ASK WHY, then turn that sucker on it's head and go kick butt! So here's my message for the day...

As always, thanks to my Newsletter Peeps! You are the bomb!