March/April 2020 - #hanginthere

This too shall pass

At the writing of this, most of the nation is under a 'stay at home unless you're out for essential items' moment due to Covid19. It's amazing how an illness can travel around and turn the whole world upside down within weeks.

It appears an event like this brings out the worst in many people (toilet paper hoarding...really?), but the very best in others.

Here are a few things that I'm hoping will happen once this is all over (and it will be, so hang in there!)

A BIG respect for good teachers, chain supply/truck drivers, and medical/healthcare workers

Big family parties because we MISS each other. A LOT.

The realization that saving money for a rainy day/week/months is a great idea

We now know a bit more about technology because well, we HAD to figure it out! Online school, online meetings, online church!

A good healthy respect for the jobs we all do, because it's way worse when we don't have those matter what they are


Praying over our families, churches, businesses, jobs, you guys!

The Fam