My 'WHY'

Painting on 'Purpose'

Let me start this with a nice review from one of my customers….

"What a wonderful tribute to remember the life of my sister's basset hound! I have ordered these flower pots as gifts for several people. Each has been touched with such a thoughtful gift." – Annabelle

As of this writing there are 851 customer reviews in my Etsy Shop, and I thought this was an appropriate time (I’m about to hit 10 years on Etsy) to let you know my big ‘WHY’. I thought that review up there would be a good place to start.

There are a lot of items in my shop, but the pet memorials have my heart. Actually, 'pets' have my heart. Animals are a big part of our lives, and having repeat customers, and now even customers who were once recipients of the planters (jumping up and down about that one!) makes me want to leap and frolic around the studio like a goofball.

I don’t like ‘marketing’ with my newsletter, and although I hope you will share what I do, that isn’t what this is about.

At church on Sunday, the sermon was about ‘Purpose’. I believe that if you have a close relationship with God that He will reveal what that is.

In most of the 30+ years I spent in ‘Corporate America’ I’d have laughed out loud at anyone who said, “One day you’re going to paint in your own studio, and even make a little money doing it!” (Although I loved working there, It’s not easy to dream big while sitting in a cubicle.)

Getting from there to here is a long story (for another time), but suffice to say prayer works. 10 years ago I was doing this from my dining room table (ruined it actually) and looking around now I have to pinch myself.

10 more years? Who knows, but what I DO know is that knowing lighting up someone’s day (especially someone who has lost a beloved pet) is my WHY, and when you move forward with a big scary dream, that WHY is all-important.

Armed with that….the possibilities are endless!

Love you guys...til next time!

Every customer photo is a treasure...especially these!