Win THIS!!
(Update/this one has been won...look for our next giveaway next Wednesday. Congratulations Pauline!)

It's always about this time of year that I feel the need to sprinkle some extra love on my website and newsletter peeps!

Every week until 10 items are won you will see a giveaway item posted here. All you have to do is see it here and email me at and simply say "I SEE IT"!

Once you've won something we will post it here along with your first name, until 10 items are given away.

Please please please do NOT claim more than one item...the idea here is to see TEN items won by TEN fabulously different people.

Let's do it!

First giveaway is this pink and black six inch french stamp planter.... 1, 2, 3....GO!!!

NICE GOING PAULINE!!!! Giveaway number one is off and running! Look for our next giveaway next Wednesday!!