SeptemBER 2020

Yah, the capital 'BER' on the September there is NOT a mistake. I have always longed for the 'BER months' because they signal a cool down, and I think of beautiful fun things like family, holidays, football, gatherings, and just the simplicity of open windows and fresh air.
Is it still 90 degrees out at the time of my writing this? Yes, but it doesn't matter. I know these things are coming.

It just so happens that two things are happening right now. While I am a wee kind of person for the most part, I have put on some excess weight that I need to drop around ye ole waistline, AND our church is (starting tomorrow on Labor Day) a 21 day fast. (Before you freak out, this does not mean we all stop eating for 21 days..)

Having said that I will let you know that I do a lot of 'one on one' with God, and this timing is not a coincidence (at least for me).

Fasting isn't just about eating (and our Pastor confirmed that at church service this morning). I've 'lost' many commitments I had in the past such as getting up at 5 a.m. to spend 45 minutes to an hour in prayer and quiet time. This time was golden...and I let it fall away.

So this month I'm committing to......

Losing the 10 lbs. that are bringing me down

Spending time with Jesus in prayer and reflection, EARLY in the morning

Become completely present with family, friends, customers, projects...without checking my phone

Learn without ceasing

And something I heard from a book quote...
"Never Hurry. Never Pause.".....

To me this means all things are intentional, even my 'rest' time. Every moment with my peeps, every paint project, every customer, every meal, every walk, every moment with my fur babies, every sleep time, folding laundry, paying bills, everything, everything, always.

I know the photo below has been here for a while, but it represents all that I just said, so I'm leaving it for now. A very talented friend captured a very beautiful moment on a very lovely day with my favorite 'boy dog'. See how that works?

Enjoy your moment at a time.

Loving on one of my big babies...