January 2020 - Family

A family loves (and hurts) together...

I'm not much of a 'let's look back on the past year' kind of person. 2019 is over and we're moving on, but last year ended with the memories of 2 great friends lost to cancer. I am most definitely an 'I hate cancer' kind of person.

2020 has begun with beautiful January birthday celebrations (our family is loaded up with them) but also the passing of my sweet big brother. You guessed it...from cancer. As I write this, his service is tomorrow, and there are no words to express how I feel about him. Praying for those words. I'll end this paragraph with some advice. This is a huge loving family and we love BIG. I highly advise loads of hugs and "I love you's" for the people in your friends and fam circle in 2020.

As the studio moves into the new year I have decided to get some much needed help, and many days I have my sweet daughter-in-law (a fellow working machine) in here to help me. It's time to expand my horizons a bit and do some new things out there. I'm praying a lot about direction for this, and the answers are coming as they always do.

If you ever want to ask a question about what Happy Moose Garden Art is all about, or any projects, creations, etc. in the works, or anything at all...this is for you...

My email address >>> joanne@happymoosegardenart.com

I know that this year will be different for our family, and for me without my brother here. I also know that I'm surrounded by God's love, and that HE has surrounded me with more love in the form of friends and family than I ever could have imagined. He is love, and we are to love, so let's do that. Let's do it well!

Love you guys...til next time!

My brother Tommy